2022 Best Auto Youtube Channels
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2022 Best Auto Youtube Channels


2022 Best Auto Youtube Channels

Nowadays days, you can discover almost anything on U tube – no matter how bizarre or ridiculous it is. The auto community on youtube.com has grown to include an almost unlimited number of channels and profiles as a result of the inflow of content produced by the platform.

It’s tough to keep up with all the latest versions and facelifts from every single company. Since the most prominent vehicle YouTube channels are still highly active and 2021, it’s easy to learn about the sector through them. However, it’s crucial to realize that not all of these sources generate reliable information. Some of the top car-related YouTube channels have been compiled for your convenience. Check out our list of 2021 best automotive youtube channels and gather interesting information about the car industry:

  • Engineering Explained




  • Petrolicious


  • Carfection


  • The SmokingTire
  1. Engineering Explained

Top of our list comes to my personal favorite channel “Engineering Explained”. The channel has more than 2.88M members and is a major source of information on automobile manufacturing. To know how and what went into building the new automobile, as well as the many details that go into everyday tasks, is as much joy as driving it. For vehicle enthusiasts, Jason Fenske hosts the channel, which simplifies the complexity of vehicle production, making it a lot more fun. The finest part of all of his movies is the automobile ratings in which he explains what to look for when buying a car and how efficient each vehicle is.


It doesn’t matter whether you like cars or not; chances are, you’ve heard of Jay Leno. His long career in Late Night tv has allowed him to amass a phenomenally distinguished and bountiful collection of over 280 automobiles and almost 120 motorbikes. In an effort to spread the word about his love, Leno has launched a YouTube page, as well as a television program on NBC, where he shows off some of his impressive collection of high-end vehicles.

With that being said, the majority of the vehicles seen on this site are hauled in from visitors, ranging from elite antique racing cars to bespoke motorcycles of all kinds, with Leno’s collection being the exception.

  1. Petrolicious:

Comparatively more sombre than some of the alternative channels I listed before when it comes to cars and the mechanics that drive them. For example, Petrolicious is a fan of classic cars like the  Carrera RS (1973), BMW M1 (1980), the BMW M3 (1990), and the Porsche 91 Carrera RS (1973).

The aesthetic of Petrolicious is a little more laid back than you’ll find on YouTube, but it’s certainly something that a petrolhead would enjoy. Petrolicious may not have the most subscribers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not putting out top-notch material. There is a good chance that they will also have millions of members in the future.

  1. Carfection:

New supercars, as well as classic sports vehicles, are the focus of the Carfection. There are a number of well-known cars that have been tested by channel managers, such as the Subaru Impreza WRC.

Additionally, Carfection was one of the first YouTube channels to interview famed designer Gordon Murray and to debut its newest T50 supercar in its first official film. The Lotus Evija electric hypercar and the Brabham BT62 have both been covered by Carfection.

Carfection has some of the greatest automobile enthusiast videos on YouTube, even though the amount of hits on each video isn’t always actually indicative of the material.

  1. The SmokingTire:

YouTube channel TheSmokingTire, which contains weekly videos by Matt Farah and Zack Klapman, is one of the most uncensored places to get videos about cars. Both examine cars and share their experiences in an effort to encourage others to think outside of the box. Since 2009, TheSmokingTire has amassed more than 310 million visitors and 1 million followers on its YouTube channel. If you’re searching for uncensored, candid assessments of new automobiles, this is the channel to watch.


If you are a car enthusiast and love gathering new information about cars then this article is a must-read for you. You may find many additional car-related YouTubers who are popular and intriguing, but these are among the most popular and intriguing. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.