2022 Best Makeup Youtube Channels
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2022 Best Makeup Youtube Channels


2022 Best Makeup Youtube Channels

Who is the best makeup youtube? The manner in which you apply your makeup isn’t as important as consistency when wearing makeup like an expert, however, there is a basic sequence to follow. Beauty magazines and overnight pals are no longer reliable sources for the latest in cosmetics trends. Leading beauty vloggers who share photographs and videos are becoming a popular source of cosmetics advice and suggestions for the general public.

In today’s world of the internet, youtube has made everything easier. As a newbie, watching beauty YouTubers is a perfect way to get your feet wet in the realm of anti-aging products and cosmetics, or to learn more about a particular issue you’re dealing with.  Finding beauty YouTubers that speak specifically to your skin type and issues is the best strategy; there are hundreds of channels to select from, making it difficult to know which advice to follow.

To help you out, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the best makeup youtube channels in 2022. So without further ado let’s get into it:

Who is your favorite?

  • Emily DiDonato
  • Michelle Phan
  • Ankita
  • James Charles
  • LABeautyologist
  1. Emily DiDonato

If you’ve seen Emily DiDonato in Vogue or Victoria’s Secret, you’ll know her as a beauty guru. Over a decade in the fashion world has given Diana her distinct viewpoint on fashion, modeling, makeup, and skincare, which she now offers on Youtube.

DiDonato’s films provide a sneak peek at her modeling profession, vacations, nutrition, everyday life, and beauty regimen. Get prepped with me lessons, vlogs, Q&As, and ‘A Day in the Life videos are just some of the content she offers.

When an international modeling career and a popular YouTube channel with almost 400,000 followers wasn’t enough for Emily Uribe, she and her closest friend recently co-founded Covey Skincare. The dermatologist-backed brand’s straightforward three-step approach, which employs strong, high-quality components like vitamin C, was inspired by her continual travel and demanding lifestyle.

  1. Michelle Phan

It was Michelle Phan who first gained worldwide prominence as a beauty blogger. ‘MichellePhan’ was the name of her YouTube channel when she began posting beauty tips and reviews in 2006. Things went worse quickly after the loss of her beauty line, ‘Em,’ and she finally gave up on YouTube in 2016. Now, she posts often on YouTube, sharing her beauty advice and the tale of her Em business.

To this day, Michelle’s Youtube has more than 8.8 million followers and a net value of $117,000.

  1. Ankita:

Ankita, an Indian YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers, is another rising star. She has a beauty, make-up, fashion blog, and a YouTube page. She offers a wealth of information in the form of clear, step-by-step instructions. She uploads new videos, reviews, make-up techniques, and news from the beauty industry every day. Ankita founded Corallista in January 2011 when she was a student in India. In her films, she speaks logically and calmly, making you feel at ease.

  1. James Charles

Prior to graduating high school, James Charles was already a household figure in the beauty industry. While still in high school, one of YouTube’s most popular and influential beauty vloggers was chosen as the face of Cover Girl. The fact that he has over 24 million followers despite some criticism makes him one of the most well-known beauty YouTubers. He uses social media to provide information on cosmetics, as well as music, art, and insights into his personal life. He has 23.6 million followers, and he writes about a variety of topics.

  1. LABeautyologist

Nayak Roberts-Smith, a licensed beautician who specializes in customized skin care for people of color, takes the advantage of science and aesthetics in her work. “Integrating the science of professional skincare with the delicate purity of natural chemicals, and to utilize that knowledge to enhance confidence through beauty,” is the idea underpinning her Los Angeles-based aesthetic studio, The Golden RX, and popular YouTube channel for cosmetics and beauty tips.

Thousands of people watch her videos every day for the beauty tips and tricks she shares with them. She also provides beauty tips for African-American women, such as how to combat hyperpigmentation and avoid sun damage.

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