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About youtube shorts


What are Youtube Shorts?


Youtube shorts – Over the years, there has been a significant shift in the kind of videos that users submit to YouTube. They experience feelings of depression as a direct result of seeing the short snippets of the extended form and long-form films. Another option to generate content for


What are YouTube Shorts?

Those who are already acquainted with YouTube Reels and TikTok will find that YouTube Shorts is quite easy to use. In a nutshell, they are vertical films that may be no more than one minute in length and are recorded in portrait orientation.

In this way, Shorts seems to provide yet another fantastic opportunity for content creators who are searching for interaction, whether that engagement is measured in terms of the number of subscribers, views, or likes.


how to make a video a short on youtube

YouTube prioritises the ease of use when it comes to the production of short videos. After that, you will realise that generating content, making edits, and uploading it to YouTube Shorts is simple.

The following is a rundown of the procedures involved in uploading a video to YouTube using a mobile device:


Start setup

To begin, use the YouTube app on your mobile device, sign into your account, and press the Create option. After that, click the option to “Create a Short.”


Pick out some music.



Click “Add Audio” inside the video editing software to access the audio library and choose the song that works best. You may also go through YouTube Shorts, and when you find a soundtrack that you like, you can start making a video with it by clicking the “Use this sound” button.


Make recordings of the videos.

You can now record a video, or many movies, that will be compiled into your Short. To do this, just maintain pressure on the capture button or click it once to begin recording and again to stop it. Accessing the gallery on your mobile device and adding a video that was already captured is another option.

Additionally, the recording speed may be altered, a timer can be used to record, and clips can be joined together with only a few touches.


How to edit youtube shorts?

After you have recorded your Short, you have the option to modify the video using a variety of editing capabilities, such as filters, texts, subtitles, and other features. This allows you to make your Short more creative and fascinating.


Upload Short to YouTube




The next step is to post the video to YouTube when it’s ready. When you are certain that everything is functioning properly, choose “Next” to give the Short a title, and then click the “Submit” button. Okay, from this point on, you should start to see an increase in viewers and new subscribers.

You may also utilise a lengthy video that has already been uploaded to your channel in order to make a Short on YouTube. This is an additional option available to you. To do this, go to the video, and inside the interaction choices, choose the “Create” button (next to Like, Share, etc.).

Then, the app will load the video that has already been released for you to modify anyway you want, including trimming, adding a track, speeding up the movie, and more. After that, you may just publish it as a short.