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How To Install And Use Youtube-Dl GUI?

There are many types of tools present in the market. With the help of these tools, you can download different videos from youtube. Youtube-dl GUI is also one of them. It is a cross-platform GUI for youtube-dl made in Electron and Node.js.

It allows the user to download videos and playlists in various forms. Not only from youtube, you can use it to download videos from almost every primary website. There are many features of youtube-dl GUI. That can help you in many ways.

Here are some parts of youtube-dl GUI.

Features of youtube-dl

  • YouTube-dl allows users to download videos from any site that supports it.
  • allows you to download numerous videos at a time
  • Ability to turn videos into the audio
  • Let the user select the video format
  • Able to download the substitutes as well, and also user can select the subtitle language
  • Automatically download and update the youtube-dl.

How to install youtube-dl GUI

The.exe file may run youtube-dl-GUI on Windows, while the.dmg file is for Mac users. The usual downloading destination is your downloading directory, regardless of your system.  But you are free to change the setting according to your requirements and needs.

Installation of youtube-dl GUI is easy. Download the Redistributable Package for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. The Windows binary must function. Windows XP SP3 is the earliest edition of Windows that includes this program.  After that, download the binary window of youtube-dl. After downloading the youtube-dl GUI, you need to open the window command line. You will press the window+R, and a small pop p window will appear; then enter the cmd and press enter.

Navigate to the folder where you saved the Youtube-dl file. To go into a directory, type cd directory name, and enter a directory, type cd. You may dynamically create a directory name by pressing Tab.  Verify to see if the binary is functional. Type youtube-dl —version to use it. It will then quit after printing some numbers.

If you intend to enable Youtube-dl visible to all customers, put it in the File Management directory. If you prefer, you may skip this part. Create a new folder within the File Management directory, then copy the new file into the folder. If you uploaded Youtube-dl to a separate folder, make the necessary changes to the URL. The path is generally changed in subsequent versions of Windows.

If you’ve not already, download and install a media player. Youtube videos are primarily in the FLV or MP4 codecs. You may watch them with a media player like VLC. Then you can download the VLC multimedia player.

Why we use it

It helps to download multiple videos from youtube. Users can easily download the video and also be able to decide the format and size of the video. Not only from youtube, but you can also use it on multiple websites that are accessible through it,


We hope this post helps you in installing the youtube-dl GUI. It is a completely free tool and has many benefits for the user in several ways.