Top 5 youtube football channels
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Top 5 youtube football channels


Top 5 youtube football channels

In terms of growth, the digital world is exploding at breakneck speed. Even though social media is the primary source of information, YouTube is one of the most popular consumption venues on the Internet due to the wide range of material available. Soccer is one of them, since the most popular sport in the world deserves to be tackled from a variety of perspectives. In order to combat this, a large number of video blogs or channels specialised to football have emerged. We’ll show you the top five youtube football channels based on the quality of their work and their content.

1. KickFlix

KickFlix is a soccer-related YouTube channel that provides you with a daily dose of football news, tactics, and commentary. They provide high-quality material on a daily basis and have more than 250k members. This is due to the high-quality material that they provide on a regular basis, with some of their films receiving up to 10 million views in a single day on various platforms like YouTube.


2. Tifo Football

In addition to having a YouTube channel, Tifo Football also has an online platform where they present their material, which is mostly centred on the English Premier League. This channel has taken a new direction, beginning to tell abandoned soccer tales and recapture them to preserve them from extinction and do tactical analysis with very correct statistics, among other things. This industry is going to flourish in the next years, we can guarantee you.


3. WeSpeakFootball

WeSpeakFootball is a soccer youtube channel that three people created. They wanted to bring the game of football to the public through a different perspective. WeSpeakFootball has generated over 2 billion views. They have also received many awards for their work, including Best YouTube Channel of the Year and Most Popular YouTube Channel on Facebook. WeSpeakFootball has been able to make videos that are popular because they don’t focus on stats or tactics – but instead use narratives to tell stories about players and teams.


4. Copa 90 Football

Because of the high quality of its production, it is maybe the finest channel. Aside from focusing on the players and the fields, Copa 90 also communicates to and engages with the spectator, namely with the soccer fan. A piece of material that demonstrates the fervor with which football fans throughout the globe follow their teams. Copa 90 sets the tone on a daily basis around the world, from South America to Asia.


5. Football Daily

Football Daily is a popular soccer youtube channel among the young generation. As of now, the channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views. Football Daily has been able to build a strong fan base because of their consistent content and their ability to make their viewers feel like they are part of the show. The football daily youtube channel also has some great features like their live streams where they show highlights from around Europe as well as interviews with famous players and coaches in Europe.